Kenshibudo to japoński taniec z mieczem lub z wachlarzem do spiewu tradycyjnych piesni Shigin.


  Kenbu refers to a dance form that uses both a sword and a fan, and was created by the samurai class.

  The origins of the sword dance (kenbu) date back to the Tokugawa era (1603–1867), a relatively quiet period in Japanese history in which the warrior class was involved in the rule of law.  For the unoccupied warriors, kenbu has become a way of keeping skill and history alive.

  The sword dance inspired the deepest feelings of the samurai, keeping the spirit of the warrior alive.  The poems that describe the background of the dances usually refer to famous battles, incidents, or notable historical figures.

  In addition to being a dramatic and beautiful art in itself, many students choose to practice these dances as a companion to iaido practice in order to develop precision, posture, balance, agility, focus and timing.

  Our Kenshibudo style is based on the Arakimuninsai Ryu Iaido movements, so the sword movements are recognizable as coming from our Iai style.